OpenMapper:  The open source network monitor.

OpenMapper is a wxPython GUI Network Monitor.  It started as a clone of the most excellent Intermapper by  While Intermapper is a great program, and I know counless network admins who swear by it, I've been frustrated with it for some time because it's not open source, so I can't change it to do what I want it to.

So, Here's an alternative.  It's in its wee infance stages, but starting to grow up. Come join the party.  Help would be quite welcome.

Windows Users:
So, I hear that folks are having problems installing on windows using distutils. That's a bummer. I'm trying to get my hands on a windows box to build an installer. I hear it's easy, but I have no experience with the dark side, so bear with me. This would be a great place to contribute, if anyone has the urge.

2/4/2005 - Updated to use WX-2.5. Many things simplified.
I was finding that all the features I was trying to add were just making it harder to work with. So, I pulled a bunch of unnecessary features out - like graphing, f'rinstance. I figure that I'll try to make this a really solid little network monitor and then worry about other features.
7/7/2003 - Add Multiple Hosts by Scanning a Network
Added an interface to ping an entire network, and then add any hosts to the map which respond. (See Screenshots Below). Also rewrote nmap and ICMP code in pure python.
6/21/2003 - Looking for Users!
OpenMapper is getting to the point where it is a useful piece of software. Now more than anything, as I get read to move from alpha to beta, I need folks to try it out and tell me what works and what doesn't. Got a few minutes? Think the world needs a good network monitor? Try it out.
6/13/2003 - Sourceforge Project Started
Project is now stored on sourceforge at
6/1/2003 - Major engine changes and new features
As of 6/1/2003 I have reworked the guts of openmapper so it can scale. Only a few features remain before beta release.
4/25/2003 - New GUI in openmapper.0.0.7.tgz
As of 4/25/2003 I have recoded much of the GUI to get rid of the M$-esque tree view. In the process, I found a lot of bugs and even fixed some of them.

Main Map

Add Hosts

Add Multiple Hosts By Scanning a Network

Current Status

  1. Basic monitoring works in threaded mode.  (HTML, SMTP, SNMP, PING)
  2. Most of the features of the GUI are roughly in place.
  3. Basic notification via email is in place.
To Do:
  1. Add more tests
  2. Add generic testing methods
  3. Add 'tracking' for machines.  Not sure what this means, but I'd sure like to be able to click on a machine on my map and see arbitrary logs.
Help Wanted:
  1. I would like to add an HTML interface to this.  Shouldn't be too hard.
  2. Try it out!  I need feedback before I start thinking about freezing features for a beta.

    here it is:

Download at Sourceforge