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Bass Cannon
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Cannon 01
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Bass Cannon - Cannon 01
First Attempt
I had been waiting for years to build something like this, but it is frankly not appropriate for an apartment. As soon as I moved in to the garage however, I wanted to whip something up asap.

This is the cannon I built over a weekend with my friends Abie Flaxman and Rob Aimi. We used a crap-ass 12 inch driver my friend JD had and a length of sonotube from Home Depot. We powered the driver with an old receiver.

Most of the effort that weekend went towards measuring the characteristics of the resulting speaker and not towards actual construction.

For testing we hooked a signal generator up to the receiver and scanned through 10-200 Hz manually. We then hooked a good microphone up to an oscilloscope and used the RMS measuring feature to gauge the magnitude of the speaker output.

Abie working on the laptop

More equipment visible

Rob walking to the kitchen

Next we hooked up a laptop to the receiver and the mic. Rob had a program which could use the soundcard to output a signal to activate an external device, and take input from the microphone to measure the response. So it could do things like make a frequency response by doing a frequency sweep. Pretty cool. Here is the response we measured; I think this one had the speaker on its side on plastic chairs in the middle of the room:

Click for full size

Keep in mind that we were doing this in a concrete room with almost no furniture, so the resonances of the room are convolved with the speaker characteristics.

Design partially original and partially ripped off from other websites
by Holly Gates