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Bass Cannon - For Sale
Want a 20 foot long Speaker of Doom?
Now that I live in a normal apartment again, I really don't have much occasion to use a 20 foot long subwoofer. It wouldn't even fit in any of the rooms of my house. When I took the speaker apart to put into storage, I opted to discard the sonotube.

If you are interested in purchasing a kit to make this speaker, please contact me by emailing holly at alum dot mit dot edu. The kit would include:

  • Tempest 15 inch DVC 800W driver
  • Madisound KG-5230 Plate Subwoofer Amp
  • Two sonotube joining flange assemblies with bolts
  • Driver mounting flange
Which is everything you need except for the tube. If I remember correctly, the two tubes cost me around $90 together, plus paint.

I think my cost on the materials above was about $400. If you are interested, please make me an offer.

Design partially original and partially ripped off from other websites
by Holly Gates