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H2 - Cases
The case was developed along the lines of the acrylic casebuilding tutorial here. Having the button outrigger makes sanding a little trickier, but it is still doable.

It turns out that some customers really don't like using anything but primary batteries, so I designed a special case just for them, based on the original Hollybook design.

Two versions of the H2 were made:

  • Li-ion
  • Alkaline
In both versions, we milled out some pockets in the back plate to accomodate some of the components on the gumstix. This allowed the overall case thickness to be a low as possible, at the expense of adding another operation. There is also some yield loss when milling away 1mm of a 1.5mm acrylic sheet, fixtured in place with double sided tape.

The main part of the case ended up being 7.5mm thick. This could be reduced by replacing front, back, or both sheets with titanium.

Model: Li-ion

H2 Back View (Li model)

H2 Top View (Li model)

H2 Front View (Li model)

Model: Alkaline
This model has a main body which is the same dimensions as the Li model, but has an aluminum tube mounted to the button side of the case. This tube accomodates 3 AAA cells, for those designers that hate rechargeable batteries.

The tube was machined with threads in the top and bottom, which accept threaded brass and nylon plugs. The tube was glued and screwed into the core piece of the case, with tiny hardware. Wire wrap wire and copper tape were used to make the terminal connections and bring them to the main board.

Alkaline Model

Back View

Edge View

Ready to Ship

Design partially original and partially ripped off from other websites
by Holly Gates