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Hardware design files, code, docs, etc., now hosted at http://sourceforge.org/projects/juicebox.
My favorite board house is Sierraprotoexpress.
  • excellent quality
  • reasonable price
  • good service
And they are on the west coast, so us east coasters have a few extra hours to get designs in.
Digikey.. What else can you say?
There are many manufacturer's web sites out there for lithium polymer batteries, but very few places to actually buy them in low volume. It seems however, that people are starting to use thin polymer cells to power RC gliders and the like. Interesting. Skyborn Electronics has batteries for sale; not the lowest price, but if you are building your own MP3 player you probably are not doing it to save money...
Earth LCD - Surplus LCDs. This is where the little LCD shown in the pictures is from. It is the Epson E1010 (look under Character and Small Graphic LCDs). Format is 4x12 character with an LED backlight, and it is really really cheap ($3).
AVR Projects - Related
yampp - Originally I wanted to use this design pretty much wholesale, including code. But with one thing or another I ended up redoing the hardware design mostly from scratch according the the VLSI datasheet. Also, Becky (who wrote the FAT code) found that it was easier to implement from scratch too. Oh well, we are not actually playing MP3s yet so the yampp code might still come in handy. And at least the existence of the yampp gave me the idea that this could be done, and also indicated a good decoder to use.

Compsys MMC project - Uses a PIC, but its a resource

MMC to Serial Adapter - Uses an AVR, useful for writing the low level MMC code.

EE 476 Final Project - Another MP3 project using the AVR and an MMC card.

Other AVR Resources
avrfreaks - an awesome site for general AVR stuff

Atmel website - you probably could have guessed that one...

savannah.nognu.org - Source and rpms for gnu cross tools for avr

avr-gcc-list - a good mailing list for avr-gcc and related issues

MMC Resources
MMC Manual - At the Sandisk website

pricewatch.com - Good place to look for wicked cheap cards

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by Holly Gates