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Table Regrind
When I first looked at the saw, it was obvious from using a straight edge that there was a big hump in the table (maybe ~2mm), just to the left of the throat plate opening. I figured I could either live with this or get the table reground. When inspecting the table from the bottom side, there were marks to indicate the arbor pulley had at some point done some serious rubbing on the underside of the table. At that particular location, the table casting is quite thin. I think probably the height stop for the pivoting casting wasn't set properly, which allowed the arbor to be raised until the pulley actually hit the table. Maybe when the saw was run this way that spot on the table got very hot and warped the casting. Who knows though, maybe it was always that way.

Warped, pre-grinding

I did some looking around the Boston area and found a place to do blanchard grinding in Chelmsford for a reasonable price. I borrowed my friend Brian's car and drove the table up there one day at lunch.

This place was called "Grindco", and was sort of in the boonies (to someone who doesn't get out of Boston much except by air). The building was made of cinder block and had a gravel floor.

Tell me this place doesn't look weird

Inside, there was almost nothing in the building except three or four blanchard grinders, and two identical twins who ran the shop. One of them had apparently had a tracheotomy or throat cancer, which was too bad. This added to the sense of the bizarre when I was trying to work out with him why I had wandered into his building with a piece of cast iron.

One of the Grinding Bros

This table of mine was a tiny speck of metal compared to what they normally grind in there, which were giant pieces of flame cut steel plate, like 30cm thick and several meters long. Neither of the guys knew what these steel pieces were used for. My table set went on one of the small grinders, but they had one machine with a four meter diameter table.

Blanchard Grinding Platter

Anyway, these guys did a great job for me on what was probably an annoying distraction from their regular work. Total cost for the table plus wing, ground side by side, plus a cleanup pass on the backside of the two: $90.

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